Stall holder booking terms and conditions
1. All spaces at our events must be pre-paid.
2. Bookings are not transferable, unless agreed with MLF.
3. Normally booking are not refundable but may be transferred for future dates -providing 14 days’ notice is given. Transfers will incur a cost of £5 admin fee; this must be paid to enable us to transfer your payment.

4. As a business you are responsible for own PLI and may be asked to provide a copy for your booking, best if you send a copy to every year on renewal for our files.
5. We recommend that all stallholders have PLI in place. For all Liverpool, Wirral and Southport events you must have PLI.

1. If WE cancel an event (due to bad weather or any other reason) you have paid for we will transfer the credit for our other events.
2. If the VENUE was to cancel the event (due to bad weather or any other reason), we will try to transfer your booking as a credit for any of our other events where possible.
3. Bookings are non refundable but credits will be given if 14 days notice is given. Transfers will incur a cost of £5 admin fee, this must be paid to enable us to transfer your payment.
4. If we cancel an event on the day(due to bad weather or any other reason) we may not be able to contact you but we will still be on site during the loading times stated, any doubts please phone Stu on 07830 226 399.
If we have to cancel an outdoor event due to weather or other reason,NO REFUNDS will be offered only credits for future events.
6. We will make every attempt to contact you via email and social media, on the day of the event please check your emails and messages if in doubt phone us.
7. If cancelled on day of event we will be at the cancelled event venue until 30 mins after start time.

1. We cant guarantee exclusivity at any of our events although we will only book a quota based on number of expected stalls.

1. You must not sell stolen, dangerous, offensive, poisonous, faulty goods.
2. You are responsible for own stock and equipment.

1. Your stall, gazebo or table table must be safe and suitable to display your goods and must be standard 6ft size.
2. You are responsible for own stock and equipment.
3. Tables, stalls must be in line with rest of stalls and any extra or empty boxes must be kept under or behind your stall as not to cause any trips or blocked aisles.
4. Gazebos must be weighted or tied down, you are responsible for own equipment and any damage or injury caused.

1. Please feel free to display your banners/posters behind or on your stall, in some of our venues this is not allowed as a condition of hire by the venue, you will be told about this in the seller details.
2. You are responsible for own stock and equipment.

1. We will advise on nearest car parks when we can but are not responsible for any loss or damage if you park there-other parking is usually available.

1. We will give you loading times in our seller details…usually 2 hours before the start.
2. We try to help with loading you in ,priority always given to disabled stallholders.
3. Please be patient and respectful to other stall holders when unloading at venues.
4. Please no leaving until the advertised end time.


1.Must have hygiene certificate on display

1. Please be respectful to all other stall holders at our events.
2. We will not tolerate any bad language towards MLF staff, family or other stall holders- please act professionally at all times.

3.No stallholders to set up if they are under the influence of drink or drugs.


  1. No stallholders are allowed to bring pets to the event

1. We always advertise our events but as a business it is also your own responsibility to help with promoting the event.

We give no guarantee of footfall or sales,we do guarantee our event is well advertised.

1. Will be sent out 3 or 4 days before each event..will include all loading and parking info.

1. Always welcome to bring your kids to daytime events as long as they are well behaved.

1. Any problems on the day with finding the venue or you are running late or anything else please phone Stuart 07830 226 399 anytime.

1. PLEASE only send any complaints to and not to the manager at the venue, I will get back to you as soon as I can.

WE are here to help you! if you need any advice on display or selling techniques please ask.